Curo Handsets

We have you covered with built in Wi-Fi & Apps allowing you to call, message, meet, collaborate, from anywhere.

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    Market Leading VOIP Solutions

    Phones with WiFi

    With our Curo Touch & Curo 328W, you don't have to worry about cables running through your office or home.

    With built in wifi enablement so that you can just set it up and go.

    Auto Provisioned handsets and applications

    Our handsets are state of the art, and we're proud to say that they allow you to set up profiles remotely. This eliminates any setup that the end user needs to do, which means you can save time and money on your business.

    We also have QR codes embedded on the back of our handsets, to allow quick and easy setup of the handsets and applications.

    Hot Desking Capabilities

    Log into the device creating a hot desk set up. Allowing the office space to be utilised smartly and effectively.

    Curo 328W

    Curo 328W is optimized for executive use for major decision makers, administrative assistants and those working with bandwidth intensive application on collocated.

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    Curo Touch

    Curo Touch extend the power of advanced video and audio communications to the desktop while offering tablet-like functionality and web access.
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    Curo 312G

    Curo 312G Phones are a Business Grade IP handset with a huge range of features and flexibility.
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    Curo UC100

    UC100 is an advanced video phone with a a vivid visual experience on its touchscreen. The high-definition voice quality makes conversations feel lifelike. 

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    Curo UC300

    UC300 is an enterprise video phone that runs with 8" multi-point touch screen and HD voice brings you realistic visual-audio experience.

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    Curo UC500

    UC500 is an enterprise video phone that runs 8" multi-point touch IPS screen and HD voice brings you realistic visual-audio experience. 

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    Curo Gigasets

    Gigaset S700H Pro Handset

    Download data Sheet

    Gigaset R700H Pro Handset

    Download data Sheet

    Yealink CP960 Touch Screen Conference Phone

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    Bluetooth Single Ear

    Download data Sheet

    Bluetooth Dual Ear

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    Wired Single Ear

    Download data Sheet

    Wired Dual Ear

    Download data Sheet

    Jabra Evolve 2

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    See how it works for your business

    A sales advisor will contact you for a personalised, informative demo on the key features and benefits of a cloud phone system.

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