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Call, message, meet, collaborate, from anywhere.

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    CuroIP System and Telephony Platform Features

    Since the launch of Curo IP in 2019 we have deployed the innovative system throughout call centres, SMB’s and Multi-site customer throughout the UK, Euope, Middle East & USA. This has given our customers the ability to call, message, meet and collaborate from anywhere using our scalable telephone system and cutting edge technology.

    Call, Chat, Meet & Collaborate


    Curo can call by Voice, Video and by Conference across our Global network allowing you to have local breakout and numbers regardless of the country you are in.


    Our desktop & mobile applications allows you to live chat with your team members regardless of location. We also have integrations with Microsoft Teams should you wish to benefit from our enhanced phone system features.


    Curo Meetings allows you to host video meetings with multiple users, including external users, regardless of location. All built into one communications platform taking the headache of multiple services being needed.


    Send and share files with our live chat funcion and allow your phone system users to have control by your admin team granting access to their own ‘self care’ function on their desktop app.

    Curo UC Desktop

    Connect and Collaborate

    Designed to enable fast & simple calling, Conferencing, Instant Messaging, Faxing, Online Presence, Call Centre functionalities, Outlook/ MS Exchange Directory, CRM integration and so much more from a desktop or mobile device.

    Conferencing Facilities

    Create and control conference calls on any SIP phone or SoftPhone. Convert two way calls into a conference call, and add as many participants as you like (dynamic conferencing) or use dedicated conference rooms on the system to host conferences.

    Video Calling

    Contact via video call from CURO UC Desktop app, allowing you to communicate more effectively and save time by collaborating from your desk.

    Outlook & Exchange Integration

    Sync Outlook and Exchange contacts with ‘CURO UC Desktop’ and make calls from CURO directly or from Outlook interface using the integrated Outlook plugin. 

    Contacts Management

    Keep your PBX, Outlook, Google and Apple contacts in the intuitive desktop application.

    Desktop Visual Voicemail

    Keep your PBX, Outlook, Google and Apple contacts in the intuitive desktop application.

    Desk phone Integration

    Answer and place a call using your desk phone while having the ability to control the call right from your Curo Desktop app. The full range of features remains available at all times.

    See how it works for your business

    A sales advisor will contact you for a personalised, informative demo on the key features and benefits of a cloud phone system.

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