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    What is an SLA?
    SLA stands for Service Level Agreement and indicates how much time your enquiry will take before being resolved.
    Who do I speak to?

    For any queries that you may have, please contact the Client Support Team on 01733511116 (opt1) or and they will endeavour to answer your query.

    For any issues or faults that you have with non-mobile services please email or contact the team on 01733511116 (opt1). Our client support team can help with and resolve any mobile faults or queries that you may have.

    What is the notice for cancellation?
    For mobile services this is 30 days, however, for anything other than mobile there is a 90 day cancellation notice.
    I’m not happy, who do I contact?
    If you feel that you’re not happy with the service that you’re receiving, or you have a concern that you would like to discuss; in the first instance, please contact your Account Manager to discuss it further. If you are still not satisfied, please put in writing to Leyla Panesar, Customer Service Manager via email or by post to Rydal Communications Ltd, Elwes House, 19 Church Walk, Peterborough, PE1 2UZ and we will follow our complaints procedure.
    Who do I contact?
    Support Team
    • Contact Number:01733 511116 opt 1
    • Contact
    Provisioning Team
    • Contact Number:01733 511116 opt 2
    • Contact
    Sales Team
    • Contact Number:01733 511116 opt 3
    • Contact


    Who supports me with my mobile billing and general mobile queries?
    Rydal will always be on hand to help with these, however, there may be occasions when we have refer you to the network directly due to GDPR reasons.
    What is the SLA for mobile enquiries?
    We aim to investigate and resolve mobile enquiries within 24-72 working hours.
    How do I update my APN settings for

    Please follow this link which will show you a step by step guide on how to set this up for different devices:

    Alternatively, give us a call and we can send a text to your device.

    How do I preserve my battery life?
    Please follow this link for some hints and tips to preserve your battery:
    How do I transfer data from Android to iPhone?
    Please follow this link to see a step by step user guide for transferring your information:
    How do I set up an existing iCloud account on a new phone?
    Please follow this link to see a step by step user guide for setting up your icloud account:
    How do I turn off data for certain apps?
    Go to Settings, Mobile Data. You will then see a list of apps below where you can select to enable or disable the app for mobile data.
    How do I turn off 4G?
    Go to Settings, Mobile Data, Mobile Data Options, Enable 4G. You can then select to enable or disable the service.
    How do I reset network settings?
    Go to Settings, General, Reset, Reset Network Settings. You may then be asked for your passcode to complete the request.
    How do I reboot my mobile?
    Please press the power button to turn the handset off, and then back on again.
    How do I turn off Wi-Fi assist?
    Go to Settings, Mobile Data, Wi-Fi Calling. You can then select to enable or disable the service.
    My Mobile is transferring to you today – what do I do?
    You should have received a new SIM card from us in preparation of your port. You will notice that you will lose service on your previous SIM at some point throughout the day. When this happens, put your new SIM card in and the service should come up.
    Lost/Stolen Mobile
    If you have lost or your handset has been stolen, please report this to us as soon as possible. We will be able to bar your SIM and handset to prevent usage. We can arrange a replacement SIM and handset for you if required.
    I’m travelling abroad
    If you are travelling abroad, please contact us as soon as possible. We will be able to advise you of the best bolt on’s for the country you’re travelling to. This will help prevent bill shock when you are travelling. We can also ensure there are no restrictions on your phone.

    Billing / Finance

    Why am I being charged from my previous supplier when I moved my services over to Rydal?
    Unfortunately, whilst all telecommunications providers will endeavour to end date your services when they are moved over to a new provider, on the rare occasion this is not done. Please send over a copy of your bill with the service charges detailed from your previous supplier to our Client Support team at and they will be able to detail whether this is correct or not.
    What is the SLA for billing queries?
    We aim to investigate and resolve billing queries in 5-7 working days.
    Why am I being charged for insurance from the lease company?
    Insurance is added by the lease company as a protection for theft and non-user induced damage. This is a requirement for your lease. If documentation of an existing insurance policy is not presented to the funder within 30 days of receiving your kit then insurance will be added automatically. You can remove the charges at any point by supplying your insurance policy directly to the funder.
    There are some charges I wasn’t expecting on my bill
    Customer safety and the service we provide is paramount to Rydal. As such, we have implemented some services that will assist in this. Please contact our Support Team and they will be happy to explain these further and the benefits to your company.
    When do you collect my Direct Debit?
    We collect your Direct Debit on the 14th of each month. Should this fall on a weekend or public holiday, then it will be the closest working day after.
    When do you bill me?
    Our bill’s are produced and sent to you on the 1st of each month. Invoice’s will be sent to the email address listed on your order form.
    How is my first bill broken down?
    Your first invoice will include charges for part of the month when your Line transferred to Rydal as well as the current month and your advance charge. From then on you will just receive the charge for the advance line rental.
    How do I claim my termination fund?
    To process any termination fund, Rydal require an invoice on your company headed paper to be addressed to Rydal Communications Ltd. The invoice must be the value of the termination fee’s that you have received from previous suppliers and up to the amount agreed on your order form. We will also require a copy of the termination fee’s that you have received from your previous supplier/s to enable us to process them for you. Once you have collated these, please send them via email to Our Accounts Team will process the invoice for you and payment will be made within 30 days of receipt. Any termination fee’s must be claimed within 6 months of the signed agreement.

    Technical / Provisioning

    I can’t make or receive calls

    Please check if it’s only you that’s affected. If your colleagues are affected too, please call 01733 511116 and speak to our Support Team.

    There are a few basic checks you can complete prior to calling, this will help speed up investigations for you.

    1. Is there power to the system?
    2. Can you call internally to your colleague’s?
    3. What noise/tone/message do you get when dialling out
    4. If you have a hosted system, is the internet working?

    Please let our Support Team know this information

    My broadband is slow/Not working

    Please check if it’s only you that’s affected. If your colleagues are affected too, please call 01733 511116 and speak to our Support Team.

    There are a few basic checks you can complete prior to calling, this will help speed up investigations for you.

    1. Does your router have a green light/red light/flashing light?
    2. Please complete a speedtest on and take a screenshot of your current speed.
    3. Please reboot any system’s that are connected to the internet

    If the results don’t improve, please call our Support Team on 01733 511116

    Please do not re-set your router as this may have adverse effects on some settings you may have. Our Technical Team will advise if you need to do this.

    Account Management

    • Contact Number: 01733 511116 opt 4
    • Contact Email:

    Accounts Team

    • Contact Number: 01733 511116 opt 5
    • Contact Email:
    Rydal are replacing my internet and existing router; how will this affect my IT network?
    Rydal will ask for your existing IT company’s details prior to installation to see if there is anything specific set up on your IT Network that we need to be aware of. This could be VPN’s, port forwarding etc. Once identified Rydal can take consideration of your existing network profile. If you do not have an IT Company already, Rydal can support you with this for an additional charge.
    I’m having brand new telephone lines installed, how long will it take?

    It depends on the line type you have ordered, please see the standard lead-times below:

    • Analogue Line – 10 – 15 working days
    • ISDN2e – 15 – 20 working days
    • ISDN30e – 30 working days
    • SIP – 3-5 working days

    Please note that sometimes there can be variances on these lead-times due to several factors. BT Openreach may have to complete a site survey prior to installation. If this is the case, your Provisioning Co-ordinator will keep you updated with the progress and the feedback from BT Openreach.

    I’d like to port my telephone number from a traditional telephone line to VoIP. What do I need to do?
    You will need to advise your previous provider and our Provisioning Team may ask you to complete a Letter of Authority (LOA) form on letter headed paper. We will then make the request and keep you updated with the progress.
    Should I notify my old provider when moving my services to Rydal?
    Yes, absolutely. Unfortunately, Rydal cannot cancel any agreements with your previous suppliers on your behalf.
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