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    Are you running an existing and established Contact Centre with many different campaigns, users and control requirements or looking to start one inside your business?

    Contact Centres come in different shapes and sizes. Curo IPs Contact Centre platform recognises this. For large professional Contact Centres that manage many different campaigns the quality of tools can save considerable resources second by second, day by day helping your improve results of your contact centre solution. Often, though, the manner and structure of the workflow and staff positioning is what matters most to ensure your business is maximising staff utilisation for inbound or outbound calling activities.

    Curo IP has years of experience helping large contact centres identify a true needs analysis and then matching this to our profile set up within our Curo IP platform. We Start by getting a bullet proof understanding of what you’re looking to achieve and then focus on ensuring this is matched with our Curo IP contact centre platform. All contact centres are different and our consultants help you ‘map out’ the journey of a call and the objectives to ensure a strong ROI is returned for your business.

    Agent & Supervisor Application

    Tie together all of your Contact Centre PBX communications in a simple interface via Curo IP contact centre Agent and Supervisor licenses. Our Supervisor licence enables real-time monitoring of Agents and Queues, tracking agents’ performance and generating comprehensive statistics reports allowing you to report at a click of a button, while the CC Agent edition provides the agents with the right tools to maximise productivity, reduces unnecessary interruptions and makes communication with customers more effective.


    Our “Contact Centre Edition” has a Dialer feature. This feature allows lists of data to be loaded to a database, after which an application runs and dials these numbers based on the algorithm or settings entered by the Administrator. The Agent’s interface of the Dialer displays Agents with specified information regarding each call. Furthermore, this information is customisable through the Administrator login. Essentially keep feeding your team the data and set dialler rules on how aggressive you require the dialler to perform.

    Unlimited Queues (ACD)

    Our Automatic Call Distribution system helps keep your customers experience levels high by routing incoming calls to the agent with the most suitable skill-set who can address the caller’s needs properly. ACD is a very important component of a call centre and communication system. Some of its capabilities include Priority Routing, First In – First Out (FIFO), Queue Call-back, Call Monitor, Call Barging and more.


    A Campaigns’ Monitor page allows users to see a full list of all existing Campaigns on the system and access further information regarding important Real-Time data. Users may see a table which will be divided into three main sections Calls, Agents, and Contacts. These sections are then divided into several subsections for a better organisation which makes it completely user-friendly.
    "We moved to the Curo IP phone system and its transformed our business, we can communicate via our desk phone, pc, or mobile app, where as our old system failed on most fronts. I can’t help but thank the onboarding team who have been a ‘diamond’ to work with. "
    Richie Gard, Diamond Print Services
    "We are over the moon with the handsets, applications, and overall flexibility. The Wi-Fi handsets really helped us through the pandemic. On install we also had a phone needed in a remote location, we had power, but no network cabling to connect to the internet. With the Curo handset we just connected the device direct to our Wi-Fi saving us monies on having to cable! Awesome solution and great apps too. Thank you."
    John Altermonte, Voyager Cars

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